Personalized photo gifts for Mother’s day

Mmmm… mother’s. I am one and I have one (obviously). It is one of the mot unique titles to have. It comes with all the emotions in the world (good and bad) so what kind of a gift can you give that really shows the appreciation to this “title owner”? Personalized photo gifts are the ones. They are thoughtful, unique and obviously personal.

Here are a few to keep in mind:

1.? Light Affection’s photo gifts: From your favorite photo to an illuminated piece of art. Night Lights start at $44.95


2. Pop art on canvas: Send a photo and they will create a pop art piece printed on Canvas.

3. Photo Jewelry: They will create various jewelry pieces (charmed bracelets are our favorites) from your photo/s.kimbra-bracelet

Have a wonderful mother’s day all you mothers out there!!!