It is definetly my skateboard..

Who are they?
Zazzle?is one of?the world’s leading platforms for quality printing custom products. Zazzle’s proprietary technology enables individuals, professional artists, and major brands, including Disney and Hallmark, to create and offer billions of unique products for customers worldwide

About the product:
These skateboards?are the perfect gift for the younger ones. Decks are a great canvas?for images and or text.? Whether you?re doing grinds on the half-pipe or kickflips?in the street, this competition shaped board has supreme pop!? Designing the deck online is easy and fun when using their proprietary design software.

More details:
They have a variety?of sizes and shapes of boards. The decks are made of? hard-rock maple.?Price: $59.95. You can order a complete Skateboard?which includes Independent Trucks, Ricta Naturals wheels, Bullet bearings, grip tape, and mounting hardware.