Books, Books, Books

From time to time I find a craft photo book that I really like. One that makes me feel like actually trying things, is esthetically pleasing and has simple yet thorough?explanations.

Who??The author of the book is Livia McRee. Based on the back cover of her book, she is a craft designer, writer, and a former editor of handcraft?Illustrated magazine. Her work has been published online and she contributed to several how-to craft books. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

About the book:?Easy transfer to any surface concentrates on the photo transfer technique and how it can be applied to different surfaces, creating unique?and different pieces. The author gives specific examples and designs that can be reproduced?but it also creates a good base and inspiration?to creating ones own pieces.?

More ?details: You can purchase the soft cover book online. On Amazon, Barnes and Noble. Price varies ($4 – $10).