What to do with school photos?

Who are they? The company Time Frames was founded in 1990 after the original Time-Frames 2501 was designed by the President for his nephew. At first it was made in his apartment and sold in a few local gift shops. National direct-mail advertising began in late 1993, and a production space was rented in the “Old Harrison Plant” in Lockport, New York and has been there since, growing in size.

About the product: As a mother of two boys, I am very familiar with the annual photos my kids bring from school but haven’t really found an easy and nice way to display those.  Time frame gives a simple, easy and elegant solution. You can display the photos side by side watching your kids grow from year to year.  The company will create  the frame based on your choices. There are quite a few looks for the School year Frames  to choose from. Begin by choosing the layout . Continue by choosing the frame shape and color, color of  inserts without the photo and the color of the acid free  mat. Finally choose from one of the variety of covers available.  We liked the simple straight forward 14″ x 18″ Square-Bevel School-Years layout with a white frame and  cream mat.

More details: The cost of a Square-Bevel frame starts at $29.95 for an unframed version. The framed ones vary, depending on the frame, between $49.95 and $89.95.  The company offers a full 30 day money back guarantee.