Surprise Your Friends With a Video Greeting Card

Who are they? is based in Sausalito, CA and founded by Kevin Sherman in 2007. KShermanStudios  is a privately owned design and development group  that develops unique advertising, e-learning, and viral games for first-person video interaction as well as creating self-publishing video services.

About the product: This service enables anyone with a webcam to create quick and fun interactive video greeting cards for their family, friends, and now includes a direct tie-in for Twitter members as well. It basically looks like a talking image postcard and the tweets look and ‘pop’ like a bubble, hence the name – bubble of joy.

More details: These bubbles are free to tweet and send as a greeting card, you can choose your layout/skin, and are fun to make!

See an example by clicking here


Books, Books, Books

From time to time I find a craft photo book that I really like. One that makes me feel like actually trying things, is esthetically pleasing and has simple yet thorough explanations.

Who? The author of the book is Livia McRee. Based on the back cover of her book, she is a craft designer, writer, and a former editor of handcraft Illustrated magazine. Her work has been published online and she contributed to several how-to craft books. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

About the book: Easy transfer to any surface concentrates on the photo transfer technique and how it can be applied to different surfaces, creating unique and different pieces. The author gives specific examples and designs that can be reproduced but it also creates a good base and inspiration to creating ones own pieces. 

More  details: You can purchase the soft cover book online. On Amazon, Barnes and Noble. Price varies ($4 – $10).

Wooden name photo blocks

Who is she? mleefipps is an Etsy seller who does creative construction jobs (count on Etsy to have all of these creative people with unusual jobs). She lives in upstate New York and creates these cute name photo blocks there. 

About the product: Photo Letter Blocks are a neat way to spell your child’s name with their pictures or family photos to decorate their room. These hand painted and artistically designed wooden blocks are offered in black, white and red (other colors available upon request at an additional charge)
and are done in a distressed finish. This finish brings out the individual beauty of the wood and your photos in each piece. Each block is paid for separately, so you can spell any name. 

More details: The size of each block is: 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ and you’ll need to choose between color, sepia or black & white photos. 

name photo blocks

name photo blocks