Handmade beauties!

My Treasure box is the brain child of Sarit Ron who hand makes these “ready to use” intricate photo albums.
Choose from a large selection for different occasions. You purchase the Album and just insert the photos into prepered spaces. 

Prices for albums range between $39.99 to $99.99 depending on size.

What’s a Bagette?

bagettes.com is run by a husband and wife team. They were one of the first to introduce personalized photo hand bags. Take a look at their Cosmetic bag sold for only $30. It has an interior lining and silk exterior with a print of your favorite photo. They can even add custom text on the zipper. Baggette_2

Charm your necklace.

If you like to carry your photos with you, why hide them in your purse?
Kimbra Orr has been one of the pioneers in making personalized photo jewelry. Her designs are both contemporary and classic and each piece is hand made with the highest quality in mind. Take a look at this personalized photo two piece pendant made of Sterling silver for only $58.  denise-necklace

Light up your life

Love these Night Lights by Light Affection. Based on any photo you provide they carve a piece in a unique technique and assemble it into a complete Night Light. When the light is on, the photo magically appears. They are so unique and pretty and extremely affordable, only $44.95. You can order on line, uploading a digital image or mail your photo with a form printed of their web site. nlfront